Create Application User in CDS

Use Application Users for authenticating with various other apps. IT is the most secured way. This blogs explains how we can setup such users in Dataflex Pro

Extra Line Spacing when sending Email

I recently found an issue in Dynamics CRM version 8.1.1. You heard it right and yes I know it’s an older version of CRM. But hey, there are people still on this specific version of CRM. I decided to blog about this issue due to lack of material found on how to resolve this in…

Configure Text Analysis in CRM with Azure Machine Learning Text Analysis

With lot of addition and improvements to Azure Machine Learning; Microsoft has done a tremendous job of integrating it with Dynamics 365. Bringing machine learning capabilities to Dynamics 365 will be benefited by lot of companies out there. One of the capability that Dynamics has is to do a text analysis on any attributes of…

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