Let’s say you had a co-worker who left the company but they owned a few flows. How do you switch them over to a working account? If you are a maker who is not comfortable with PowerShell or Power Platform CLI and wants a way to change the owner of the Flow then follow the below steps.

First, go to the solution that has cloud flow and locate the flow in question.

As shown in the above diagram, I have a cloud flow that currently belongs to me. I want to change the owner to a different user.

As illustrated above, click on the ellipsis then using the expander option expand the menu and click on “Details in a new tab”. This will open the flow in a new window. On this window, you can see the current owner is me.

Now, click on the edit button as shown in the diagram (only this edit will give you the option to change the owner).

This will open a side panel where you can change the owner. Once changed; click save and voila, done!!

That’s it folks. Hope this helps.

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