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What the attendees has to say about the session?

I am not a pro developer but I used to develop PCF controls wit the help of community. The mentoring program helped me to connect the chain and understand PCF in detail. The sessions were well organized and explanatory so that it clarified the doubts in my mind even before asking. Now am more confident in going ahead with PCF development.

Nijo Joseph Raju (Apr 2020: PCF Custom Control)

Thank you Danish for conducting sessions on PCF control and sharing your knowledge and experience with us all. It was surely insightful. Your devotion for the Microsoft community is admirable. Keep up the good work.

Minal Agashe (Feb-Mar 2020: PCF Custom Control)

Every topic has been covered to the maximum of whatever possible in the given time. And, the continuous support of either online or offline helps me to learn things faster and deliver real-time PCF controls.

Sudhakar Deenadayalan (Feb-Mar 2020: PCF Custom Control)

Thank you Danish for this wonderful series one hour sessions. The course was very interactive and you answered all the questions in all your capacity. I think it helped me learn why some of the things are done the way they are done. I now feel I have all round information/ learning around PCF controls by filling these gaps in my knowledge. I am sure with this learning and by actually building some controls, it will solidify skill set further. Keep it up and looking forward to any future sessions that you schedule. Once again thank you for doing this and for free!! Totally appreciated.

Jay Gade (Feb-Mar 2020: PCF Custom Control)

With lot of new features rolling out every day, its difficult to catch up on everything. Sessions by Danish are based of new features and really helped in bringing quality and Implementation best practices for the unknown expertise areas.

Chaitanya Nellikanti (Feb-Mar 2020: PCF Custom Control)

Kudos to Danish for being a great mentor, some brilliant demos and sessions on building the PCF controls. Highly recommend this sessions to anyone who is looking forward to learn and build PCF controls.

Shayan (Feb-Mar 2020: PCF Custom Control)

The mentor was well knowledgeable on the Power Apps platform and quickly able to provide answers on questions that came up during the training, sometimes with real-world scenarios and samples. My goal was to gain basic knowledge of Power Apps and start creating simple Model Driven Apps by this training. And, I am able to start creating my own Apps now. So, I feel like my goal is fulfilled and accomplished.

Sudhakar Deenadayalan (Nov-Dec 2019: Power Apps)

Good Training, it cleared all doubts about Canvas Apps

Vikram Tupe (Nov-Dec 2019: Power Apps)

This session helped me explore Power Apps and understand how I get use it better.

Srinivas (Nov-Dec 2019: Power Apps)


Total count of Mentees: 23 (as of 15th of May 2020)

NameCategorySession Info
Deepak MehtaPCF Custom ControlsApr’ 2020
SumitPCF Custom ControlsApr’ 2020
Anand MadhavanPCF Custom ControlsApr’ 2020
NoorPCF Custom ControlsApr’ 2020
Jahangir (Jai) HashwaniPCF Custom ControlsApr’ 2020
Nijo Joseph RajuPCF Custom ControlsApr’ 2020
Amol DodePCF Custom ControlsApr’ 2020
Muhammad SalahuddinPCF Custom ControlsApr’ 2020
Venkata KartheekPCF Custom ControlsApr’ 2020
Mohammed Muzammil AtharPCF Custom ControlsApr’ 2020
Omar ZaarourPCF Custom ControlsApr’ 2020
Abood HamwiPCF Custom ControlsApr’ 2020
Amine IDPCF Custom ControlsApr’ 2020
Carina ClaessonPCF Custom ControlsApr’ 2020
Joergen SchladotPCF Custom ControlsApr’ 2020
Chaitanya NellikantiPCF Custom ControlsFeb’ 2020
Sudhakar DeenadayalanPCF Custom ControlsFeb’ 2020
ShayanPCF Custom ControlsFeb’ 2020
Minal AgashePCF Custom ControlsFeb’ 2020
Vikram TupePCF Custom ControlsFeb’ 2020
Jay GadePCF Custom ControlsFeb’ 2020
Minal AgashePowerAppsNov’ 2019
Srinivas BodigumPowerAppsNov’ 2019
Sudhakar DeendayalanPowerAppsNov’ 2019
Sugaprakash SeetharamanPowerAppsNov’ 2019
Vikram TupePowerAppsNov’ 2019

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