Want to build AI like J.A.R.V.I.S. from Ironman? Well, this blog can get you started. I was playing around with couple of AI out there and had to read countless articles to achieve this and thought of sharing with everyone who is interested in building their own bot.

I would be dividing the blogs into four parts as it touches several services in Azure.

  1. Learning Bot service
  2. Understanding what is LUIS
  3. Writing code in Bot Framework to do other stuff (like get weather)
  4. Integrate bot with Facebook messenger

This blog will cover the first part “Learning Bot service”. Keep watching the space for further parts and don’t forget to follow the blog.

Before we start you will need Azure Subscription which is easy to spin up. More details are here. Even if you are not able to spin-up a free Azure subscription then go with Pay-As-You-Go service. It’s very cheap and you will have fun.

Part I – Learning Bot service

Now, its easy to spin up bot once you get Azure subscription. The fun part is when you add intelligence into it. For now, lets stick to the basics and see how to create your own bot in Azure.

Log into your Azure Portal (https://portal.azure.com)

Follow the steps shown in GIF below

  • Click New
  • Search for “bot” in the search box
  • Select Web App Bot


Now fill in all the details as needed. Details are shown below. Make sure when selecting “Bot Template” select Language understanding. This is nothing but LUIS which we are going to talk in next part.

Once you have the bot created; you can find it in All Resource or if you had pinned it on Dashboard.

Now, lets quickly test it. As we have used “Language Understanding” the code template generated in backend has created LUIS with a default Intent named “Greeting”. The code just reply back what you said at the moment.

To test the bot you can click on the Bot from “All Resource” and click on Test in Web Chat.


Leave a comment with your feedback, questions or improvements needed.


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