Recently you might have noticed a new solution named “PowerApp Checker” installed in your Online CRM instance and wondering what it is all about.

Well as the name suggests it checks your solution for any usage of code that was deprecated or any performance or security issues in the code. It checks the plugin code as well as web resources and it does a pretty good job.

Where do you see it?

You will need to use the new interface. So login to Once you logged in navigate to the appropriate instance and click on “Solutions”. This will show you list of all solutions in that instance.

Solution Checker option is only available for unmanaged solution.


How do you run it?

Once you have selected your solution on which you want to run the analysis expand the Solution Checker from the popup menu and click “Run”.

The status pane located on the upper right of the Solutions page displays Solution checker running.

Solution checker status

It takes some time to run the analysis; during this time you should see the status as “Running”.

How to read the report?

Once the analysis is completed you can look at the reports. Report is grouped by the files or else everything goes under unspecified. The report has several columns:

Issue – It is the generic title given by Microsoft

Severity – There are 4 options here: High, Medium, Low & Informational

Category – I have noted three categories as of now: Performance, Usage & Support

Component – Type of the solution component in CRM

Statement – Detail of why the issue was reported

If you click on the single row you get more details of that issue. This detail screen has different attributes based on the type of component.

For plugins:


For Webresources:


You can also download the report. The downloaded version gives you a zip file that has two types of files: .csv and .xlsx. Both contain same data.

For more information about solution checker you can visit the official Microsoft docs page by clicking here.


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