I was posted a question by one of my colleague “how can he hide OrgChart from the ribbon”. I had done this a while back but couldn’t remember how did I do it but after doing some poking around on the ribbon I identified it and wanted to document the process and what better way to document it then a blog.

You will need to use Ribbon Workbench tool by Scott Durow. If you have not downloaded it yet then you can either use a managed solution in your CDS environment or you can use an XrmToolbox plugin.

Now, once you have the ribbon editor installed, you would want to create a small solution with your specific entity where you want to hide the OrgChart. I normally create a solution called “Ribbon Sandbox” or “Ribbon Changes”. I add and remove entities based on the entity ribbon I want to edit. I only include the entity metadata and not all assets – as I want to keep my solution as small as possible so it is faster to import and publish the changes on the ribbon.

Open the Ribbon Workbench and select your appropriate solution.

Once the solution is loaded, select your entity and click on “TABLET” tab as shown the the diagram below.

Now, the OrgChart button is on “Form” as well as on “Home” ribbon. So you will need to edit both the ribbons as shown in the below diagram.

Right click each button individually and select Hide from the context menu – as shown below.

After you click on “Hide” the interface will change with a diagonal line over the button to reflect your changes.

Once the changes are done, click the “Publish” button from the top-most ribbon.

After all the steps are performed you can go to your selected entity in CDS (don’t forget to refresh the page) to view your changes. You should not see “Org Char” button anymore.

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