New Icons

New and improved icons were added that provide more context. For example, if you have connected to an environment on a folder/workspace then it will show a green Dataverse icon and the environments not connected on the current folder/workspace will be shown as red. The same goes for Web Resource files. The ones that are linked with local files will show as green and the rest will show as red.

Improved Smart Match

A brand new smart match was added that provides you the more insights on your mappings. It also showcases the Status of the files if the contents between local and server do not match. Different confidence levels are also now explained for more clarity. The linking details can also be downloaded in various formats.

Dataverse REST Builder

The brand new tool from Guido Preite is available inside of Dataverse DevTools. Thanks to Guido for making some changes in his tool to accommodate the integration. In order to open Dataverse REST Builder inside VS Code you need to invoke Command Pallete using the following command: Shift + Ctrl + P and searching for either DRB or Dataverse REST Builder. Note that you should be first connected to an environment in order for DRB to show up.

Compare local JavaScript with server

Now, you can compare your local JavaScript file with the server version; assuming the file is linked and you are connected to the environment.

Search Capabilities

When looking at entities and web resources it was tiresome to scroll through lots of entities to find the one you were looking for. Filtering based on solutions already existed but some solutions can still have many entities. That is the reason I added a new feature that lets you search and filter for a bunch of entities that you normally work with.

For e.g. let’s say I usually work with Account, Contact, Super Hero & Super Hero Power entities. So let’s see how I can search them in the tool.

You can similarly use the same technique for Web Resources as well.

More Settings Added

Other than Enable Early Access Preview setting; a new setting is added that lets you select your default TypeScript template when initiating a TypeScript project. Selecting this default will skip the prompting of a question when you create a new TypeScript project; making it faster to do your job.

Report Bugs or Provide Features Requests

You can always report bugs here or provide feature requests here. This will help improve the tool.

Provide Feedback

Please provide feedback and ratings here so we know how you are liking the tool.

Thank you.

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