Getting Auth Token in Node JS without msal library

In my current project, we had a need to build a Node JS app that will authenticate with an App Registration client id and client secret. First thing that came into my mind was to use msal library. But I hit a snag due to CORS issue and there was very little I could do…

Power Platform Developers Weekly – Issue #13

Last weekend was a fun learning experience for Power Platform Developers around the world. The event organized by Powerthon was a big success. To watch the recording check their YouTube channel.

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Power Platform Developers Weekly – Issue #12

Don't miss the opportunity to pick new skills or brush up old ones; this Saturday Powerthon 365 Saturday is hosting Power Platform Developer online event. It is a 2-day event on 6th & 7th June from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM UTC/GMT. Learn how to build things with MVPs and Community Leaders. Register for the event.

Missed Power Apps Community call; here is the recording.

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Power Platform Developers Weekly – Issue #11

On Saturday, June 6th, 365 Saturday is hosting "Power Platform Developer" event. They have a great lineup of speaker with interesting topics. To register for an event, click here.

Microsoft Build took place last week, with lot of amazing content around Power Platform. All the session recordings are available here. If you are looking for skilling sessions from #MSBuild then you would want to check this out.

– Danish N.

Power Platform Developers Weekly – Issue #10

During MBAS, Microsoft announced CDS T-SQL, a way for us to use SQL to query the data. This feature is in preview and you can read more on Microsoft Docs. Another nice thing on Microsoft Docs is the guide to implement ALM with Power Platform.

Some new changes to the newsletter, one story will be highlighted as a "Cover Story". Also, I have added a new category called "Tweet of the week" - some tweets are not articles but tips which are really useful.

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Power Platform Developers Weekly – Issue #9

If you are new to Power Apps or are still catching up with lot of new changes that have happened on the platform then do take a look at the learning catalog created by Microsoft. You can also signup for a day training on Power Platform by Microsoft on May 13th.

Last week we had great events, MBAS and GitHub Satellite, both were virtual events. Microsoft Business Application Summit on-demand videos are available here. To watch GitHub Satellite, you can click here.

PCF Builder gets exciting updates on both XrmToolbox as well as Visual Studio Code. For XrmToolbox version read the release notes. For Visual Studio Code release notes are here.

– Danish N.

Power Platform Developers Weekly – Issue #8

Past weekend, TDG Community hosted a global Hackathon and winners are: ANZ, IND, EMEA. Today is MBAS day, so don't forget join. Microsoft Build 2020 is scheduled May 19, get yourself registered soon.

Power Apps Portal 2020 Wave 1 updates are out, to read click here.

I have released PCF Builder Visual Studio Code Extension, so if you aren't a fan of PCF Builder tool in XrmToolbox then you may want to try this extension.

– Danish N.

Power Platform Developers Weekly – Issue #7

Last week Microsoft Docs uploaded a new article on simplified authentication and authorization of Power Portals; to read more click here.

Want to know all the connectors available? Head on to Connector Reference overview page.

Plugin Registration tool in XrmToolbox got an update where you can filter all Microsoft assemblies, less clutter. On the same note, Darly LaBar's EarlyBoundGenerator got an update too. So, make sure you update those tools.

On May 2, TDG is hosting a free virtual Hackathon. To register as a team, you will need 4 to 6 people. But you can register as a solo participant as well and the community will assign you to a team based on your time zone. Check out their event registration page.

– Danish N.

Fetch Customer Lookup in Power Automate

While working on a requirement I came across a scenario where I wanted to fetch an attribute from a Customer field and run the logic accordingly. Even after intensely looking for answers I couldn't find any resolution, so I came up with my own solution (so not sure if this is the right way). In…

Power Platform Developers Weekly – Issue #6

I have changed the name of the newsletter to "Power Platform Developers Weekly" but the content will still be the same.

Last week as mentioned in earlier issue, community hosted #PowerApps call was conducted and in case you missed it, find the recording here. While we are talking about Power Apps, Microsoft has released a troubleshooting guide for Ribbons on Model-driven Apps, so take a look at it.

Recently, articles around monitoring Power Platform were posted on Microsoft blog which are listed below:

Thinking of giving developers exam? Look at revision notes for MB-400 exam by Joe Griffin.

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