Power Platform Developers Weekly – Issue #6

I have changed the name of the newsletter to "Power Platform Developers Weekly" but the content will still be the same.

Last week as mentioned in earlier issue, community hosted #PowerApps call was conducted and in case you missed it, find the recording here. While we are talking about Power Apps, Microsoft has released a troubleshooting guide for Ribbons on Model-driven Apps, so take a look at it.

Recently, articles around monitoring Power Platform were posted on Microsoft blog which are listed below:

Thinking of giving developers exam? Look at revision notes for MB-400 exam by Joe Griffin.

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– Danish N.

Power Platform Bulletin for Developers – Issue #5

Today is #PowerApps community call at 8 AM PST, Dona Sarkar and Dawid van Heerden will be presenting. If you would like to join then click here.

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Power Platform Bulletin for Developers – Issue #4

Over the weekend 365 Saturday organized a event called "EmPower Your Career" with 40+ speakers, 45+ sessions around the globe. More 1500 individuals had a chance to learn a new technology and start to hope for a better career future. All slides for the events are available here. A video playlist is available here.

Microsoft presented the 2020 Release Wave 1, you can find the blog here and the video link here.

– Danish N.

Power Platform Bulletin for Developers – Issue #3

In this unprecedented times lot of content is created around #COVID19 to help the community. Organizations are creating accelerators, one of such was created by AKA Enterprise Solutions, click here to know more.

Last week Microsoft conducted a Community Call for #PowerApps. Look at the recording here.

Community calls are an hour long and happens every month

Stay safe everybody and keep Power App'ing.

– Danish N.

Create Power Apps Developer Environment

If you want to work on your Power Apps skills but are stuck as you do not have your own Dev environment where you can practice then below are the steps which will help you create a "Developer" environment using "Power Apps Community Plan" where you can practice. This environment is only for building your…

Resolved: Workflow Elements Table Query Not Fetching Data

Workflow Elements tool created by Aiden Kaskela saves lot of time building complex workflows. And recently it's source code was released on GitHub. Latest solution packages are available under "Release" tab on GitHub. One of the great feature I like about this tool is to Fetch the data using Fetch XML and post it on…

Resolved: Property not fetching data in Custom Control

Have you ever encountered an issue where you have multiple properties configured in your Control Manifest file and you configured it correctly in Model-Driven app. But for some reason you do not get the value from the field that was bound in the configuration. For example I had my Control Manifest file as below. <?xml…

How to hide OrgChart from Ribbon

I was posted a question by one of my colleague "how can he hide OrgChart from the ribbon". I had done this a while back but couldn't remember how did I do it but after doing some poking around on the ribbon I identified it and wanted to document the process and what better way…

Why is Entity read-only in Unified Interface

As you make the move from Web Refresh interface to Unified Interface and encountered an issue where the Entity is read-only in UCI but not in Web Refresh . This is true for system admins as well. The application is doing that because the Entity in question is configured as "Read-Only in Mobile". To resolve…

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