With lot of addition and improvements to Azure Machine Learning; Microsoft has done a tremendous job of integrating it with Dynamics 365. Bringing machine learning capabilities to Dynamics 365 will be benefited by lot of companies out there. One of the capability that Dynamics has is to do a text analysis on any attributes of cases and identify which KB article would be a fit; which I will show how to configure in CRM.

Add Text Analytics Service in Azure

First step is to add Text Analytics service to Azure

Step 1

Search Text Analytics API

textanalytics-img (1)

Step 2

Add Text Analytics to Azure

textanalytics-img (2)

textanalytics-img (3)

Step 3

Copy the details for configuring them in CRM (Endpoint and Key)

textanalytics-img (4)

textanalytics-img (5)

Configure Azure Machine Learning Text Analytics Service in CRM

Once the Text Analytics service is configured in Azure you can now configure Machine Learning Text Analytics service in CRM

Text Analytics as of today is in a Preview Mode.

Step 1

Enable Text Analytics service. Please note this is part of the preview. Go to Settings > System Settings

textanalytics-img (6)

Step 2

Configure Text Analytics. Go to Settings > Administrator

textanalytics-img (7)textanalytics-img (8)

You have now configured Text Analytics service in CRM and is ready to be used to suggest similar cases or KB Articles. We are now, going to look how to use it to suggest KB articles below.

Add Text Analytics power to suggest KB Article search on Case

Step 1

Configure KB Article Search. Settings > Service Management > Knowledge Search Field Setting. Click “New”.

textanalytics-img (9)

textanalytics-img (10)

Step 2

Configure the KB Article search on Case Form. Open a case form for customization and change properties of “Activities Tab” as shown below.

textanalytics-img (11)

Configuration is done. Now let’s see how it behaves.

Text Analytics at work

I have used same case but modified the “Maximum number of key phrases” in Knowledge Search Model. Initially it was set to 2 and then changed to 10. As you can see below text analytics picked up on key words to do a KB search.

Maximum number of key phrases = 2

textanalytics-img (12)

Maximum number of key phrases = 10

textanalytics-img (13)


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