I recently gave MB2-716 Microsoft exam from home and lot of people asked me how did I arrange my home and workstation for the exam. Preparing for exam itself is one thing and preparing your workstation to conduct the exam is another. My focus is on the later part.

Online Proctored Exam is only available in certain countries.

Before scheduling the online proctored exam

  • Perform a system test from the same computer and same location that you will be testing on the exam day.
  • Link to perform a system test is http://www.pearsonvue.com/microsoft/op
  • Just follow the steps to complete the system test.
  • If the system test fails do not schedule the online proctored exam; instead go to the test center.

Scheduling the exam

There is no trick here just schedule the exam as you would do for any other exam but instead of selecting the test center you will have to select online proctored exam and agree to the terms.

On Exam Day – Preparation

  • Make sure you have your cellphone handy (you might need it).
  • Keep your government issued photo ID with signature with you.
  • Your workstation/desk should be free of any clutter and cleaned.
  • Remove any extra monitors you might have attached to you workstation and keep them aside.
  • Remove any sticky notes, pens, paper you might have on or around your workstation/desk. (makes it easy for the process to be smooth)
  • If you have integrated webcams, recommended is to keep a mirror or something similar handy so that when asked by proctor to show the laptop you can use it. (for me I just tilted my laptop screen and he was happy with that)
  • If possible use a headphone.
  • Make sure laptop is fully charged and connected to the power source.
  • Keep your desk clean. Only expected thing on the workstation/desk is your laptop/desktop, mouse, keyboard.
  • Make sure no one walks in during the exam or else exam will be terminated.
  • Do not keep anything beneath the desk/workstation.

If you have completed all the things mentioned above; the process with proctor will be quick and easy

Process with the Proctor

  • Join the exam 15-20 minutes prior to the actual start time.
  • Once proctor joins the session you will see a chat window pop-up.
  • Proctor will confirm your photo ID
    • If he is not able to confirm due to the fact that the ID is blurry – do not worry; he/she will send you the link in the chat with a code to upload the photo ID again. (hence keep cellphone handy)
  • Proctor will then ask for you to do a 360° view of your room using your webcam.
  • After that you will be asked to show the corners of the rooms.
  • Once that is satisfactorily done, you will be asked to stand-up and show the workstation/desk and the floor beneath the desk.
  • Proctor will then ask you to keep your cellphone and ID card away from your reach.
    • Once you keep them away he/she will ask to show where have you kept your cellphone and ID.
  • Lastly, proctor will ask to show your wrist for any watch (not allowed during exam).
  • Once the proctor is satisfied, he/she will release the exam. You can remove the headset (if you have any) and start your exam.

Good luck.

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