On some instances I have found when the instance is upgraded from v8.2 to v9.0 you may not see some options on Sitemap which you see in vanilla CRM with v9.0. Most of the options are easy to put it back on the sitemap except one that goes missing after an upgrade – “My Apps”.

Now you can either use OOB sitemap editor using PowerApps or XrmToolbox’s Sitemap editor plugin. On one of the particular instance I found that OOB sitemap editor was showing errors after upgrade and there was no way for us to update the Sitemap unless we remove all the errors (there were 50+). So to avoid spending time correcting the errors I resorted to XrmToolbox’s Sitemap Editor plugin.

Steps followed:

  1. Open XrmToolbox and connect to your instance
  2. Search for “Sitemap Editor”
    • This will show you selection for different sitemap
    • Select the “Default” sitemap
  3. Click “Load Sitemap” button
  4. Now, you can add “My Apps” where ever you want. I added it under Settings -> Applications
  5. Add new SubArea
  6. Below is the screenshot of the data you need to enter on the new subarea
    • Specify the Id
    • Icon: $webresource:msdyn_/Images/AppModule_Default_Icon.png
      • You can also search and select using the icon selector button
    • Url: $webresource:msdyn_appmanagementcontrol
      • You can also search and select using the webresource selector button
    • Specify the Title
  7. Click “Save”
  8. Click “Update Sietmap”


2018-12-10 15_33_17-Window

This should show the “My Apps” on the sitemap.

Please leave a comment if you have any other questions regarding this.

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