Once you setup “Azure Attachment Storage” application in CRM; you can use the “Report and Admin” link to move the existing attachments from CRM to Azure Blob. But the drawback of that is after every few minutes it stops – due to the plugin limitations. And if you have lot of attachments it may take to couple of hours to couple of days to get all attachments moved.

I recently found a GitHub link to a solution created by Anil Kumar. Click here for the link to the solution. The readme file is pretty self-explanatory so I am not going to explain it here. The solution is a Logic App and it’s pretty sleek. You can install the solution on Azure just by clicking the button he has provided in the readme file.

Recommendation is to have RetrieveMultiple & Update plugin steps disabled on Note & ActivityMimeAttachment entities to avoid any performance issues


  1. Thanks for the tip! Can you please elaborate on the use of the Azure Blob? So, organizations who do not have any other document storage can use this service in Azure to move documents out of CRM, is that correct? Then, a link will be available within CRM record to access the document?


    1. Yes, that is correct – you can use Microsoft’s Add-on Azure Attachment Management to move attachments from CRM to Azure blob and have a link in CRM to view the attachment. I currently do not have a link for you on how to setup Azure Attachment Management Add-on; but you can certainly go to https://appsource.microsoft.com/en-us/product/dynamics-365/microsoft_labs.96257e65-dbbe-43db-b775-77cf1609530c?tab=overview for more info.

      I will be writing a detailed blog on how to setup Azure Attachment Storage pretty soon – so lookout for that. Thanks for your inputs.


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