With the new license changes you can create multiple sandbox instances using the new interface. Even though you have the ability to create multiple instances; the process itself doesn’t seem to be intuitive.

Below are the following steps you will need to perform for creating a sandbox instance.

Ensure you already have at least one instance provisioned (Production or sandox). You’ll need this to copy to your new environment

  • Give appropriate name to your environment and select type as Production (don’t worry it wont be a production instance at the end of the steps). Click create environment

It may take up to 5-10 minutes to show your  new instance in the list

  • Select your instance – here you will notice the type is Common Data Service
  • Click “Edit” button
    • Change the instance type to Sandbox
    • Click save – this will take you to main list once it saves
  • Let’s now copy another CRM instance in this new instance
  • Select the instance you would like to copy into the new sandbox instance and click “Copy”
  • Select use old copy page (important – sometimes the new instances don’t show up in new interface)
  • Select you new sandbox environment from the Target list
    • Select appropriate copy method (Full or Minimal)
    • Change the name if you like
    • Change the URL is you want
    • Click Copy
    • Click Yes to start copy
  • Wait for a while for instance to copy – time depends based on how large the source database is.

While copy the instance may not appear sometimes in the list and that is normal

  • Once the copy is complete, you’ll notice that the instance type has now changed to D365 v9.0
  • Click Admin
    • Uncheck Enable Administrative Mode
    • Click Save

Hope this helps.

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