Previously I have written a detailed blog on how to setup Azure AD B2C authentication on CRM Portals and also have a post that lists any possible issues you might face during the setup and how to resolve them. Now, let’s look at how to setup Password Reset on CRM Portals that use Azure AD B2C.

According to Microsoft documentation you need to add 3 additional settings in your CRM Portal – stated below.

Now the documentation is lacking on providing some details and without any examples opens up for further questions on what the values should be. So, let’s look at the example and see what settings we need to do to make it working.

Get required details from Azure

Get the Names of both the User Flows

Get the issuer URLs for both User Flows. Below, I have shown it for”Password Reset” user flow; you need to do the similar process in order to get the issuer Url for Signin_Signup user flow as well.

Site Settings

Navigate to your site settings and add new settings for Azure AD B2C Password Reset. Before you create these settings; confirm if they don’t already exists.

Authentication/OpenIdConnect/Azure AD B2C/PasswordResetPolicyId B2C_1_PasswordReset

<name of the password reset user flow>
Authentication/OpenIdConnect/Azure AD B2C/ValidIssuers https://,https://

<comma separated issuer URLs for both the user flows that you copied from the above step>
Authentication/OpenIdConnect/Azure AD B2C/DefaultPolicyId B2C_1_signupsignin

<name of the signup-signin user flow>

All the settings should be done. Now restart your portal and test the password reset flow in CRM Portal.


  1. Great post. The Microsoft instructions on the setup of Azure B2C for the portal definitely need improving! It took us an age to work this out previously and we hadn’t picked up having the password reset flow in the list of issuers as well. The problem we are having is that the user gets a “Sign In Error” back on the portal after resetting their password. Did you manage to get around this?


  2. Thank you for this article, this was very helpful! Would I follow the same process to configure the profile edit user flow, or is there some other way to do that?


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